10 Best Players in the Premiership 2022/2023 Season

We are about 8-9 games to the end of the season and its been nothing short of dramatic, from the appalling inconsistency of Liverpool, to the young lads of Arsenal marinating a fairytale hold grip at the top, from Chelsea’s expensive team of flops to New Castle’s wonderful brand of brutish beautiful football. Players have stood out to be counted and we seek to rank the top ten outstanding players in the league so far. Some names missing may cause some stir but we have no doubt that our choices will fit the bill. Its time for the unveil:


Oleksandr Zinchenko

Manchester City’s decision to sell Oleksandr Zinchenko, their second-choice left-back, to Arsenal raised few eyebrows. However, Zinchenko has proven to be a game-changer for Mikel Arteta’s squad. His exceptional ball handling skills make him a valuable asset in maintaining possession and creating opportunities with his accurate passing.

As a graduate of Guardiola’s pressing academy, Zinchenko defends from the front and displays outstanding leadership skills on and off the pitch. His ability to drift at will and his experience in big games have been invaluable to Arsenal’s young guns. Zinchenko has been one of the signings of the season, and at just £30 million, he has been a bargain for the Gunners.


Kieran Trippier

Since his return to Newcastle, Kieran Trippier has been nothing short of astounding. While there are other top-notch right-backs in England such as Trent Alexander-Arnold and Reece James, Trippier’s exceptional displays for the Magpies this season have made him a strong contender for that position at the age of 32.

As one of the premier defenders in the league, Trippier is the backbone of Newcastle United and a product of Manchester City’s youth system. He is agile, aggressive, and assertive on the pitch, making him a world-class defensive right-back who can transition seamlessly between attack and defense. Trippier is one of the game’s best players this season and has gained a reputation as a bonafide winner who gets under opponents’ skin and in their heads, doing whatever it takes to secure a victory.


Kaoru Mitoma

Kaoru Mitoma, the Japanese international, made the unconventional decision to turn his back on football at the age of 18 to attend university. While it is impossible to determine how much better he could have become if he had stuck with football, it is clear that his aptitude for study often manifests itself on the field of play.

Mitoma has been Brighton’s standout figure in the frontline, displaying incisiveness, two-footedness, and danger against every team he has faced. Although he still has room to develop his game, Mitoma’s ability to make incisive runs, initiate counter-attacks, pick out a pass, and dribble past defenders make him a terror on the pitch, as Joe Gomez can attest. Hopefully, Brighton will retain Mitoma and other team members who have impressed this season, even after the departure of Graham Potter.


Harry Kane

Harry Kane’s exceptional ability is a testament to his success even as his Tottenham teammates struggle to keep up. As the captain of the English national team, Kane has single-handedly kept Tottenham’s top-four ambitions alive this season, scoring 22 goals in the league so far. Kane’s goalscoring record would have been lauded even more if it weren’t for the defensive and uncreative style of play from Tottenham.

Additionally, Kane has played every minute of every game, showcasing incredible consistency while his team-mates around him flounder. Following his unsuccessful attempt to push through a move to Manchester City, Kane received little sympathy, but the conversation around him deserving a trophy is beginning to resurface. Manchester United has a Harry Kane-shaped hole that needs to be filled, and Kane’s impressive abilities could be the solution they need to improve their chances of winning major titles.



Casemiro’s arrival at Manchester United promised to fix their midfield, and he has delivered on that promise, seamlessly fitting into the team with his ability to read the game defensively and quickly transition to offense. While he has mainly been known as a “keep-it-ticking” midfielder at the base of Real Madrid’s midfield in the Champions League, his ability to get forward has surprised many in the Premier League, with his late runs from midfield proving very effective. His magnetism from set-pieces also adds another dimension to United’s attack, making him a brilliant player in both boxes and at knitting everything together in between.

Casemiro’s arrival has been a much-needed addition for Manchester United, as they have been craving a deep-lying central midfielder capable of breaking up play and stopping counter-attacks. However, he has proven to be much more than that this season, showcasing his leadership qualities and impressive passing range. His absence is certainly felt when missing from the team, as seen in their recent match against Arsenal at the Emirates. Many consider him to be the best defensive midfielder in the Premier League, although Arsenal’s Thomas Partey may have something to say about that. Regardless, Casemiro has become a rock in the Manchester United side, elevating their game and making them a more formidable opponent on the field.


Rober Lewandowski

Kevin De Bruyne is undoubtedly one of the best midfielders in the world, but his consistency and brilliance may have made us take his performances for granted. Even on an off day, he stands out above his peers. Despite being overshadowed by his teammate’s rise to fame, De Bruyne has been instrumental in Manchester City’s success, providing the ammunition for their star-studded side and changing games with a single move. His incredible skills and abilities, combined with his versatility, have led many to hail him as the best midfielder in Premier League history.

De Bruyne’s sharp vision and passing ability allow him to create opportunities for his teammates before anyone else has even realized they are available. He can shoot and score from anywhere on the field with either foot, and his speed and intelligence make him a nightmare for defenders to deal with. At 32 years old, De Bruyne is hitting his peak, and he would be a first-choice pick for almost any team in the world.


Martin Odegaard

Arsenal’s captain has consistently been one of the standout performers in every game he plays. If he’s not dazzling with his own virtuoso skills, he’s being outdone by an extraordinary display from an opponent. He has become the face of the Gunners’ recent success, displaying both artistic flair and a level of excellence that has helped propel his team to the top of the league.

Martin Odegaard’s style of play is reminiscent of Real Madrid legend Raul, with a finesse and grace that is almost unparalleled. He takes his time on the ball and never rushes his decisions, resulting in a high rate of success. Odegaard is an incredibly functional creative player who can be relied upon to create scoring opportunities for his team and also finish them off himself when necessary.


Marcus Rashford

It’s clear that Marcus Rashford is currently operating at a level that surpasses his previous performances. He has finally delivered on his promise as a £100m player, showcasing world-class abilities as he tears through opposing teams.

The arrival of Erik ten Hag has allowed Rashford to evolve and rediscover his best form, providing Manchester United with more stability. His powerful runs and ability to smash the ball with his right foot have drawn comparisons to Kylian Mbappe, and rightfully so. Rashford has been the difference-maker in big games, with his cutting runs from the left making him nearly impossible to defend against.


Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland has become an unstoppable force in the Premier League. With 25 goals in just 20 games, he has already surpassed the number of goals scored by the last three Golden Boot winners. It’s only a matter of time before the 22-year-old breaks Mo Salah’s record of 32 goals in a single season. Whether or not his transfer to Manchester City has made the team better or worse is irrelevant, as the brilliance of this Norwegian goalscoring freak cannot be denied.

Haaland not only dominates on the field, but also in record books. He scored 10 goals in just six Premier League games and scored three consecutive hat-tricks in his first eight games, all at home. His performance this season has been nothing short of ridiculous. Despite being on track to break every Premier League goalscoring record, it’s still surprising to see Haaland only in second place on this list.


Bukaya Saka

Bukayo Saka has been leading the charge for Arsenal in what has been their best Premier League campaign in a generation. The young talent’s ability to maneuver past defenders with ease and make impeccable decisions has made him the most dynamic player in the league. Saka’s impressive all-round game has been on full display this season, as he’s not only been prolific in front of goal but also a creative force on the pitch. He’s been a nightmare for defenders, who have resorted to fouling and double-teaming him, yet he remains unstoppable.

Saka’s outstanding form has made him a fan favorite and the star of the team. Many Arsenal supporters would even go as far as to say that they’d be willing to sacrifice the Premiership if it meant keeping Saka. He’s without a doubt the Premier League’s top performer and an all-around great guy.

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